About Delivery
You can place your orders on our website via standard delivery, cash on delivery or, same-day delivery (in
accordance with certain terms).
Shipping charges resulting from your order will be paid for by baupor.com. Availability of free shipping sevices, in
certain timeframes and/or in case of some orders exceeding a certain price, is reserved with baupor.com's initiative.
Baupor.com will not be held accountable in case your order exceeds said price range or is placed before/after the
timeframe that free shipping services are available.
Baupor.com is currently working with Sürat Kargo in dispatching your shipments. The orders you place through our
website are delivered, via said company, to the adress you specify while ordering.
Your orders, after being confirmed and processed, are dispatched with the delivery company in an estimated
dispatch time. The shipments are usually delivered withing 1-3 working days depending on the location. Sürat
Kargo company works during week-days and saturdays between 9AM-6PM. No deliveries are made on sundays
and national holidays.
Your orders are delivered directly to your address within Turkey by our contracted shipping companies. For
locations that are outside dense urban areas, deliveries might only be made on specific days during the week by
the shipping companies. Baupor.com is not responsible for delays caused by such conditions. Furthermore, most
shipping companies either do not deliver to rural parts around Turkey or require additional fees. In such cases, the
recipient is required to pay said fees.
In case you are not to be found in your specified address your package – leaving a notice on your door including
the details regarding the branch – will be delivered to a branch of the company nearest to your address. You can
gather your package from said branch in 3 days. The packages that are not gatheren during this time will be sent
back to Baupor.com headquarters. If you were unable to gather your package, you can contact our Customer
Service and confirm your information and request a resend.
In the case that your delivery is sent to a wrong address, the necessary procedure is provided by us. In your
shopping endeavours from baupor.com, the address information you provide us is directly passed on to the delivery
company. Any mistakes occurring from providing the wrong address is not the responsibility of baupor.com. If a
delivery gets sent to the wrong address, you can communicate this issue to us and we will communicate with the
delivery company to redirect your order to the right address as soon as possible.
For your products in delivery process, changing address and/or recipient name is possible. For your products that
we have delivered to the delivery company, we can contact the company to change your delivery info. Additional



time may be needed if you change the delivery info in the delivery process. Demands to change the address or the
recipient name will be only taken into notice from your membership email.
The invoices of the order are sent with the delivery company. Your invoices for your order is legally required to be
on the outer surface of the package. For your orders that are sent as gifts, only the delivery note is sent with the
order, and the invoice is delivered separately. If you check the relevant boxes when ordering, you can give different
addresses for the invoice and the order.
Any order of yours sent through our website are prepared for delivery with the invoice and given to the delivery
company. If, for any reasons, the legally required invoice on the outer surface of your package is not there, you
may demand an invoice from the delivery company worker. If your invoice still cannot be delivered despite your
demand, you may have an official report made about your invoice. If you inform us for such a demand, your invoice
or a stamped copy of your invoice will be sent to you by us as soon as possible.
During the delivery of your package, if there is any deformation or a flaw with your package, check on the condition
of your delivery by opening the box with the delivery company worker before signing the delivery form. If the
product is damaged, do not accept the delivery and have a damage report made by the delivery company worker.
Any products returned to us because of damage will be replaced with an undamaged one by us. If replacement is
unavailable, a refund will be made. Also if your delivery is something you did not order or it's a wrong product,
please return the product to your delivery company. If you notify us about a wrong order, we will make the
necessary controls and supply you with the correct product.
If your delivery doesn't reach you, you may check your delivery info or track your deliveries location through our
website. If your delivery is sent to a wrong address despite you providing the right address, we ask that you please
let us know through our Customer Services. The matter will be discussed with the delivery company for your order
being delivered to the right address.
Currently, your orders placed through Sürat Kargo with a credit/debit card or money transfers have no delivery fee.
If your preferred method of payment is at the door payment, delivery companies may include a charge of their own.

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