Hereby agreement states that a person who buys(hereinafter referred to as "BUYER") a product or
products(hereinafter referred to as "PRODUCT") from the website (hereinafter referred to as
"WEBSITE") belonging to the company located at Ankara Asfaltı 2. KM Sorgun YOZGAT (Tel: 0 532 482 41 62
email: [email protected]), Baupor Design(hereinafter referred to as "SELLER"); in regards to the transaction
between BUYER and SELLER, the order form filled online by the BUYER that informs of specifications, quantity
and quality, unit price, the terms of payment and the date of sale, and this agreement declares the lawful
responsibilities of the parties under the law of . The declared prices and offers are valid until updated or
changed. Any price declared with a limited time is valid until the limited time ends.
The SELLER undertakes the commitment to the BUYER stated as below:
"The BUYER can, without undertaking any law or criminal responsibility or without any excuse, withdraw
themselves from the sale agreement by denying the service or goods provided. We, the SELLER party, accept to
take the product back after the declaration of withdrawal provided reaches the SELLER or provider. A written
declaration of withdrawal MUST be provided to the SELLER from the BUYER in the time provided for this right to
be used.
In the case that this right is used, the cargo delivery record sample and the original invoice must be returned to the
SELLER. After these documents are received by the SELLER, the PRODUCT cost is returned to the BUYER in 10
days. In payments conducted by credit cards, the payment is returned to the BUYER's credit card(backcharge). In
respect to the tax legislation, if the original invoice is not sent to the SELLER, the VAT amount and if existant, other
legal responsibilities cannot be returned. The cargo fee of the returned PRODUCT is paid by the BUYER.
The products which are produced in custom demand of the BUYER, made changes or modifications specifically for
the BUYER, or products that cannot be returned because of their specific qualities, i.e. the PRODUCTs that
deteriorate quickly or have the possibility to reach its expiration date, or generally if the PRODUCT is used or, in
some cases like cosmetic products, removed from its packaging, the right of withdrawal cannot be used.
2.1 BUYER agrees to the basic qualities, selling price, the payment method, and the preliminary information about
delivery of the PRODUCT is read and acknowledged by them, and agrees to the confirmation of the cashless
transfer(the online payment).
2.2 The PRODUCT is delivered to the delivery address provided by the BUYER through the WEBSITE, in
unharmed condition, in 3 business days. This time might be longer when necessities arise.
2.3 If the PRODUCT is to be delivered to another person/enterprise, the SELLER cannot be held responsible if the
person/enterprise to be delivered to does not accept the delivery.
2.4 The BUYER is responsible for checking the PRODUCT for damage caused in the delivery process, and
responsible with not accepting the PRODUCT and making the person responsible for the delivery firm hold a record
of the incident and damage. If these conditions are not met, the SELLER will not accept responsibility.
2.5 In the delivery process of the PRODUCT, if the SELLER demands it, the BUYER has to sign a printed copy of
hereby agreement. If not signed, PRODUCT may not be delivered. The agreement accepted by the BUYER during
shopping from the WEBSITE is competent and valid in all situations.
2.6 The BUYER, unless specified by the SELLER in written form, must have paid the complete price of the
PRODUCT before receiving the PRODUCT. If the price of the PRODUCT has not been paid to the SELLER prior to
delivery, the SELLER has the right to unilaterally cancel the agreement and may not deliver the product.
2.7 After the PRODUCT's delivery, if, by any reason, the charged credit card's bank/finance company does not pay
the SELLER for the PRODUCT price, the PRODUCT must be returned to the SELLER in 3 days by the BUYER.
The BUYER must also pay for the cost of the returning process. The SELLER's, including the right to pursue the
debt for the price of the product, all legal and conventional rights are exclusive and reserved. To eliminate
confusion; Credit cards, debit cards etc. and installment plans provided by banks or financial companies is a credit
and/or monthly payment plan provided by a directly cited enterprise; the PRODUCT sales which the SELLER
collects the whole price of is not recognised as an installment payment by the parties of this agreement, it's
recognised as one-time cash payments. The SELLER's legal rights in situations the payment must be accepted as
installment payments legally, is existent and reserved, including the right to cancel agreement if one of the
installments are not paid or the right to demand the remainder of the total payment including delinquency interest.




In the case of BUYER's delinquency(inability to pay an installment on time), the delinquency interest rate is %5 per
2.8 In abnormal situations in the delivery process, such as adverse weather, earthquake, floods or fires, if the
product is not delivered in 30 days and the delay becomes over 10 days, the SELLER must inform the BUYER
about the delivery. In this case the BUYER may cancel the order, order a similar product or wait until the abnormal
situation is over.In case of cancelling of the order if the payment for the PRODUCT has already been charged, it
will be refunded to the BUYER in 10 days after the cancelling. If it is a credit card payment, the cost is refunded to
the credit card.
2.9 The BUYER can communicate their demands and complaints to the SELLER in the communication channels
provided in the preamble of this agreement.
In the case of resolving any disagreement arising from this agreement or it's practice, the SELLER
records(including records such as computer records or voice records in electronic environments) are considered
direct evidence; Consumer Arbitration Committees are in jurisdiction until a certain value declared by the Ministry of
Science, Industry and Technology, if over this value, the residing Consumer Courts and Directorate of Bailiff and
Execution in the BUYER and the SELLER's place of residence are in jurisdiction.
The BUYER confirms that they have read, accepted and declared all the terms, conditions, explanations and terms
of sale provided in this agreement and it's unseparable order form.